Our company was founded in 1994 in succession to the Szeged Engineering Oversight Branch of the state-managed Road and Railroad Building Corporation, to provide construction and engineering support for MOL Inc. as a fully Hungarian-owned, private enterprise.

Since its founding, UTVASUT-SZEGED Ltd. has been a noted participant on the market, as a head developer, main- and sub-contractor and consortium member, project partner.

As an SME, we employ 50-60 proficient experts and experienced, skilled workers, carefully select certified sub-contractors to partner with, we use our own high-end, up-to-date machinery and tool stock, and we are actively working across Hungary.

UTVASUT-SZEGED takes on every project with the aim of becoming a long-term, reliable partner.

Main Areas of Expertise


Concrete and steel-reinforced
concrete construction

Open-an closed-loop
utility pipelines installation

Level foundations
for engineering systems

Transportation related submerged
and bridging structures

Road construction and paving


Hydrocarbon pipeline installation,
servicing and replacement

Assembly and servicing
of natural gas-, oil- and chemical-
production systems

High-pressure sealed containers
assembly and repair

Non-sealed containers assembly,
repair and periodic testing


Design and production of various
steel structures, pipe supports,
pipe bridges and grids
for industrial use

We have all machinery and tools necessary for completing any tasks
related to our areas of expertise – at our disposal.